Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Testing is underway

Hello again-
We have completed the main system construction, and we ran the first partial batch through the system to make sure that all the systems were working. Other than a few small issues, everything worked nicely. We are currently testing the biodiesel in several vehicles and plant ops machines, and the results are all positive so far.

We have also started making liquid soap, and so far we are happy with the results. We got permission to put it in several bathrooms in Featheringill hall, so feel free to drop by there to test it. If you want more, just stop by the shed with a container, and we will fill it up for you.

We have a few more weeks of testing, and we should be ready for normal operation. Sorry, but the blogging software isn't allowing me to upload pictures right now, but hopefully we will have some on our website soon.