Sunday, July 20, 2008


-We bought a new centrifuge. It should be here soon, and the system will be ready to go again. Problems (balance) with the homebuilt one - still not completely by the wayside, but sidelined for now.

-The trailer rebuilt is finished. We took it out for a test run and it worked well. Much nicer not to have to deal with four separate tanks. Really nice job of it. The tote is contained on all four sides by unistrut. Derek put together a rain cover.

-We've been collecting oil and have enough to run two batches as soon as the centrifuge is installed. The picture is a closeup of the end of our oil collection wand. (window screen)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Trailer Revamp - in progress

The oil collection has a frame and cover to keep the rain and pine needles out of the secondary containment box. The four drums are replaced with a single tote (much simpler, and clear for visibility). This has the nice side effect of increasing the capacity from 200 to 250 gallons.