Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Meeting Minutes: 1.13.2009

Re-cap of the first meeting of this semester:

  • Financials:

    We’ll have to re-register as a student organization and re-apply for AcFee funding. This will be happening later in the semester, around March.
  • Fuel Processing:

    The entire system was re-plumbed and is working really well, especially with the new acid-base method.

    We’ll be processing fuel on a regular basis this semester, once every other week. This should cover our current demand but might have to change.

    We are tentatively running the first batch at the end of this week (Thursday or Friday pending everyone’s schedules) please send me an email if you weren't at the meeting but are interested in being a part of the fuel processing team.

  • Eco-Subs:

    “The Green Wagon” (Your one stop eco-shop!) off of Murphy’s road is opening this Friday. They have our soap for sale!

    The soap is quite effective at getting the fish smell off your hands!
  • Oil Collection:

    Wilskills has everything under control, collection is occurring once a week. Send Poe an email if you are interested in helping

  • Education & Outreach:

    Our new website is almost ready, we’ll send out an email when it’s all set.

    T-shirts are ordered, they should be here soon!

    SPEAR is hosting a Climate Change Solutions week: We’ve been asked to give a 30 minute presentation as part of their series of lectures on Thursday, Jan. 29th 3-6PM and there is an organization fair on Friday Jan. 20th, 11-2PM where we will be having a table/booth.

    Eco-Concerns at the Divinity school: Friday Feb. 13th Coffee hour, 10-11am with a display and then lunch/talk at noon.

    Dave Matthews Tour; End of April. They possibly might want to fill up their trucks with biodiesel while they are on tour. This would take quite a bit of organizing but great PR for us. Anyone interested?

    VU School for Science & Math: Monday Feb. 23rd. 10-11am “Intro to Biodiesel” Last year: Toured the biodiesel facility along with a view of a couple of cars and the Rand Waste Oil pickup. Followed up with a lab on Monday March 30th. Two one hour sessions, 9:30-10:30 and 2-3 running of mini-batches.

    Possible spring break road-trip? Or day-trips throughout the semester? Spots of interest: Milagro biofuels in Memphis. Piedmont Co-Op in North Carolina. Anyone interested?

    Promotional Items: Re-do our fliers? Re-do our video? Van Logos, Magnets?

  • Ben George is our new secretary!!