Sunday, February 25, 2007

Washing test pictures

This picture shows the heated biodiesel tests we performed. We heated the completed biodiesel until all the methanol was boiled off, and then filtered the soapy residue out of of the batch. The jar on the far left shows the heated batch without any magnesol. The jar in the middle had .1% magnesol (by weight). The jar on the right had 1% magnesol. The magnesol is added to the biodiesel and then filtered out with a 5 micron filter. The clearer the water, the cleaner the biodiesel.

This picture shows the unheated biodiesel tests with Magnesol. The far left jar is completely unwashed and unheated. The next jar
has .1% magnesol, the next jar has 1% magnesol, and the jar on the right has 2% magnesol.

It looks like unheated biodiesel requires approximately 2% magnesol to make it as clean as possible.

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