Monday, May 14, 2007

Biodiesel update

Sorry it has been so long since my last update, but the end of the semester has been exceedingly busy for me. I have several updates to share with the group:

Our biodiesel is currently being used by plant operations equipment and they seem to be quite happy with its performance so far.

We now have bumper stickers supporting the project and advertising its use on the vehicles which use the biodiesel, so keep an eye out on campus for tractors and mowers with our stickers. I have more stickers, so let me know if you want some.

We have started using KOH (caustic potash) instead of NaOH as the reaction catalyst. It has many benefits and adds minimal costs to the final product.

I have been experimenting with soap and degreaser production and I think I have a viable recipe for it now. However, I have significant limitations when it comes to picking out pleasant "scents," so if you are interested in lending your nose to helping choose a smell for our liquid soap, let me know.

Our move onto campus will hopefully be happening sometime during June, so keep your schedules open during that month if you are interested in helping construct the building and moving the equipment.

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