Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hot, hot, Nashville

Things are slow in the heat of the summer. The new centrifuge is being built, the oil collection trailer is being modified, and there's no batch in the works in the shed. This lull means it is a good week for research.

Vandy Biodiesel just welcomed Fido, a coffeeshop in Hillsboro Village, as a new oil source. (Thanks Gabby and Matt!) By choosing to let us recycle their waste veggie oil into biodiesel, they're helping create a fuel with significantly lower emissions for everything except maybe NOx, and no sulfur. And since we pickup from area restaurants the WVO doesn't travel nearly as far as when it's picked up by anyone else.

Coming soon: a list of area restaurants/businesses that let us pickup their waste veggie oil. Just in case you want to patronize places that are making some change.

Technical centrifuge related details, for those interested: We had two pressure driven oil centrifuges which worked well through the winter. The summer heat again came into the equation, making the biodiesel so thin that the centrifuges didn't have enough pressure to spin properly. We're in the process of homebuilding a larger mechanical centrifuge.

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